0x1 | NEW website!

New website, new blog!

Over the past few months I've spent some time learning front end web development and decided what better way to apply that knowledge than by rewriting my website?

Previously, I was using a Bootstrap template, grayscale. It was nice, and got the job done, but I didn't learn much in the process. Since the last time I touched HTML/CSS was in my full stack class a couple years ago, this was a fun way to be productive.

On top of re-learning HTLM & CSS, I used Scrimba to get my hands dirty with ES6, HTML5, and React. They have tons of free tutorials and the 'bootcamps' are perfect for people who know how to code already and really just need a nudge to use a new framework.

Intuitively, it makes sense to learn what's dominating the software engineering market. At PSU we didn't have a web dev track to follow, so a lot of the roles out there for software engineers don't apply to my C++ background.

The most difficult part of learning web dev in my opinion is that there's so many ways to accomplish a given task. Start with JavaScript. You could use vanilla JS, or something like React if you'd like. And then, within JavaScript there are many ways syntactically to write a function, as an example. This is in stark contrast to C++, where every function's structure is the same syntactically.

Likewise with back end... options galore (which is why I'm still surprised anyone picks PHP)! I chose Node with Express. For templating the site, I almost picked up Mustache when I realized that using Node and Express is enough to template out the head and footer. Then using regular expressions, pull out a simple string from the HTML and replacing that with the content of a given HTML page. Voila!

If you're wondering about London, check out my new section, gallery. Right now, gallery has my top pictures from London (out of 6700 + photos). I thought it was going to rain, and I'm not even kidding you. It only rained the first day I was there! The rest of the trip was pure sunny, London love.

The gallery page will be treated as a visiting gallery. The images will rotate just as if it were a museum. I'll shoot out emails when a new gallery has arrived, so make sure to subscribe below if you'd like my curated gallery with images taken by yours truly.

You might notice work has replaced the old professional tab. I think it's more useful to have a tab talking about the projects I've done, and possibly a small demo there. Stay tuned for that!

The best part about rewriting the website is now I can share it with you all! Check out my Github and give it a looksee. Pull it down if you like, or request PRs for more features!

With the new website comes one blog a month! Whether it be blog, gallery, or otherwise. I hope to summarize some self-motivated continued-learning strategies once I have perfected them!

Happy holidays!